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Archdiocese of Rabaul

(Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea)

Blessed Peter To Rot Pastoral Centre

Kininigunan (Vunapope)

* P.O. Box 104, Kokopo, E.N.B.P. 613, (982 8249

Rector: Fr. Matthew Locan

Sacred Heart Inter-Diocesan Major Seminary, Rapolo Campus

Rector: Fr. Ronald Vunuvung; Vice Rector: Fr. Luis Lobosi; Dean of Studies: Mr. Leonardo Feliciano; Spiritual Directors: Fr. Andrew Billy and Fr. Maurice Kitup; Bursar: Mr. John Bosco; Staff: Fr. Patrick Baria, Fr. Alphonse Dende.

* P.O. Box 361 Kokopo, E.N.B.P. 613

(982 9425 / 982 9452 (office) / 982 9418 (home); Ê 982 9450

Putput Spirituality Centre

In charge: Fr. Michael Bora; Fr. Martin Kenna

P.O. Box 361, Kokopo, E.N.B.P. 613

982 9425 / 71518295 /  982 9450 (Chancery)

Lannuzel Formation House: (Vunamarita/St. Paul)

* P.O. Box 357, Kokopo 613; (982 9384; Ê 982 8404 (Chancery)

Rector: Fr. John Rongdiat; Deacon-to-be Augustine Vinavana