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Archdiocese of Rabaul

(Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea)

Lenten Homily - Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC on the First Sunday of Lent 2021 at St Gebhard Raunsepna Parish

Sunday 21st of February 2021 - 1st Sunday of Lent

Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC was with parishioners of St Gebhard Raunsepna to celebrate Holy Mass for the first Sunday of Lent and also to officiate a reconciliation ceremony between members of the religious community of the parish and the family of a youth of the nearby Komgi community.


Archbishop Rochus emphasized in his homily the importance of prayer, penance and works of charity paramount to our journey of faith during this season of lent.

Archbishop Rochus Josef Tatamai MSC presents Pope Francis' 2021 Lenten Message

Rabaul Deanery Catholic Youth and Women’s Group Launches 3rd Year of The Laity and Commissions New Executives

By Trevor Pasman

Tuesday 16th February 2021

St Francis Xavier Parish in Kuragaga, Rabaul came alive with Rabaul Deanery Youth and Women’s Association members who convened for the Eucharistic celebration St Francis Xavier Co-Cathedral to launch the 3rd year of the Laity: “Holy, Formed and Sent for Service”.


The main celebrant was Most Reverend Rochus Josef Tatamai MSC, Archbishop of Rabaul together with the Dean of Rabaul, Reverend Father John Rongdiat and other priests of the Rabaul Deanery.

In his Homily, Archbishop Tatamai stressed the need for Christ in all forms of lay service and apostolates.

Towards the end of the Eucharistic Celebrations Archbishop Tatamai blessed and commissioned newly voted executives of the Rabaul Deanery Youth, Women’s Association and St Francis Xavier Rabaul Parish – all of whom were lay men and women.

The Archbishop of Rabaul, congratulated the newly elected and commissioned executives and commended this coordination and enthusiasm by the Catholic Youth and Women Association of Rabaul that is evidence of a faith deeply rooted in society. He also noted that with segregation of work to lay executives gives way to a greater sense of ownership and responsibility and is a sign of many good things to come.


Archbishop Rochus once again stressed on adherence to the Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Rabaul, reminding all baptized Catholics that we are called to share in Christ’s ministry of Prophet, Priest and King – themes that run parallel to the 3-part mission in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan of Rabaul.


Raising a point that won approval from the faithful present, Archbishop Tatamai stated his commitment to work together with his Catholic Education Secretary and other stakeholders to reinstate the authentic identity of all Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Rabaul that have been lost due to outside influences. Catholic schools are areas of formation for our children and should be kept free from error and influences that are essentially non-Catholic.

The Dignity of Women as God’s Creation

By Trevor Pasman

Tuesday 16th February 2021

The Archbishop of Rabaul, Most Reverend Rochus Josef Tatamai MSC, in an address to Rabaul Deanery Catholic Women’s Association, highlighted the issue of contraception and abortion that is running rampant throughout the society.


Archbishop Tatamai reminded women of their dignity, their bodies and their gift of bringing forth new life as a blessing from God that no one should ever violate and desecrate.

He further stated that in the same way that Our Lady’s womb was sanctified by the conception of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, all women share in that dignified ability to bring forth life in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.


Families and especially husbands and wives should be on guard at hospitals, clinics and against other organizations who try to persuade to women to take contraceptives and have abortions in the selfish interest of their health.


If women do not respect their own dignity and God’s creation in their own bodies, especially the gift to bring forth life into this world, they will incur consequences of their own making.”

Saint John XXII Village Low Cost Housing Project


by Trevor Pasman

Sunday 11th October 2020 at St John the Evangelist's Tapo Parish.

The recently Installed Archbishop of Rabaul His Grace Rochus Tatamai MSC made his first pastoral visit as chief shepherd of Rabaul to St John the Evangelist's Tapo Parish where he administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to Confirmands from Mope, Tapo, Birar, Taui and Rainau Catholic Communities.


In his Homily during Mass Archbishop Tatamai challenged the confirmands to use the use the gifts of the Holy Spirit received in the Sacrament of Confirmation to follow the footsteps of Tapo's preceeding witnesses of Christ, such as the Late Archbishop Herman ToPaivu who was the first son of the Archdiocese of Rabaul to be Consecrated Archbishop and called to serve in the Archdiocese of Port Moresby so as various other members of the clergy and religious.


He challenged parents to do their best in instilling the faith in their children by word and example, further reiterating his call to pray for vocation to the priesthood and religious life from within their own families and to give generously to the vocation needs of the Church.


Archbishop Tatamai was extremely thankful for the invitation to St John the Evangelist's Tapo Parish for his first Pastoral Visit as Archbishop of Rabaul to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation, most especially to Parish Priest Fr Paul Tabalar, MSC, his assistant Fr Pius, the Confirmands and their Parents and Sponsors, the Parish Council and all Parishioners.


The celebrations proceeded to post-mass acknowledgements and speeches, presentations to the New Archbishop of Rabaul and various entertainments.

The Episcopal Installation of the 8th Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul.

On Tuesday 29th September 2020, the Feast day of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Most Reverend Rochus Joseph Tatamai MSC was installed as the 8th prelate of Rabaul. It was an historic event for the Catholic Church in Rabaul and Archbishop Rochus is the first ever local who has been appointed as Chief Sheppard of the Archdiocese of Rabaul since its establishment in 1886.

On Friday 27th of August 2019, the Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul held an opening Mass of Laudatu Si, with the main celebrant His Grace, Archbishop Francesco Panfilo, SDB. - Photo taken by Lucas Londa.

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